Environmental Technologies in North America, L.L.C.
Licensed in the NAFTA Countries by Alberto Torini for Environmental Patents and Technologies

2857 Bridgeview Drive Gainesville, Georgia 30507 USA
Phone: 678-410-1569 - Fax: 770-503-7811 - info@etna-usa.com


ETNA's Mission

Alberto Torini's patented technologies are represented in the NAFTA countries through an exclusive licensed company known as Environmental Technologies in North America, L.L.C.(ETNA).  ETNA is currently being managed by David A. Derusha in Atlanta, Georgia.   The inventor of the patented technologies, Dr. Alberto Torini, is located in Milano, Italy.  For business opportunities David A. Derusha is available to assist.  For technical information, assistance, input, or testing contact  Dr. Torini by email at alberto.torini@gmail.com in Milano, Italy.

ETNA is committed to establishing Strategic Alliances by exclusive agreements with leading firms who will produce and market our patented technologies and products in select territories for specific applications deemed appropriate for each firm. Through a joint effort Dr. Torini provides the technical knowledge, information, assistance, and support required to produce, the products as requested by the markets. To expedite the cumbersome process of establishing an alliance, we have developed an exclusive agreement outlining the details and requirements for the formation and operations of our Strategic Alliances.

ETNA's web site provides a description of our patented technologies and the many applications. As have been determined by scientific testing and data, our cost efficient patented technologies are clearly leading the environmental markets in positive results.

If your firm is one of the leaders in manufacturing and/or marketing any of the applications described on ETNA's website and you are interested in manufacturing and/or marketing our patented products please email response to info@etna-usa.com or call David A. Derusha at 678-410-1569.